Welcome to Dawnwood.

We are so happy you are interested in learning more about our amazing new school and learning community. As you look through our curriculum and learn more about our modernized Reggio Emilia approach to learning, we hope you will begin to get a sense of what we truly mean when we say we combine the best of both Worlds – traditional Chinese morals and values combined with the best educational practices of Early Years research.

Organic Dawnwood. Holistic Child Development.

Dawnwood stands for Quality Education. We have spared no expense in building the most beautiful classrooms, recruiting the very best teachers, and hiring our executive chef to develop and prepare breakfast, lunch, and snack that will feature the finest ingredients and healthiest choices for your child to enjoy. Partnership with the Food Quality and Safety Department of Guangzhou Medical University, Dawnwood develops an Organic Nutrition and Health Program to provide each student with a detailed optimal health plan to ensure they receive the proper nutrients, minerals, and vitamins needed to support their growth and development. At Dawnwood we understand that to ensure a healthy and happy child we must take care of them physically, mentally and academically. We also provide parents with detailed health reports and meal suggestions to complement their daily school diet.

Family Connections. Community Support. Sharing Memories.

Dawnwood Education is a family. For our students, we provide an amazing world to explore, inquire and investigate boundaries while always feeling safe and secure. For our parents we offer an educational community, supporting them in every area of parenthood and providing a plethora of events and activities to join your child and to meet with other parents and members of our community. Our goal is to capture and document all of your child’s special learning moments and present them to you as a way for you to visualize your child’s learning journey. These detailed learning journeys will include pictures, videos, documentation of the learning moment, and audio reflections from your child speaking about the moment and what they have learned. You and your family members will truly look forward to receiving these amazing learning journeys each day. As we carefully record and document each learning journey, you will feel as if you were right there in the classroom sharing in each moment of this precious journey with your child.

Reggio-Inspired, Child-Centered.

At Dawnwood our learning environments are created specifically with the image of the child in mind, allowing them unparalleled freedom to pick and choose the activities that most interest them while still learning and meeting the English National Curriculum and Chinese Government benchmarks and standards. We truly believe in the importance of teaching each individual child, meeting them where they are and taking them by the hand and guiding them on this wonderful journey together. We believe each child is unique and special and has the ability to make choices on how they want to learn. Why just teach a child how to count 1-5 when we can have the child choose what they want to count!

Child. Parent. Teacher. Environment.

At Dawnwood we believe in four teachers. The first teacher is the child themselves. We believe children are competent, independent, responsible and able to make decisions on how they want to learn based on their interests and passions. Secondly, we believe parents are a child’s most influential teacher and pride ourselves on our close partnerships with parents as we work together to support your child on their wondrous journey through Early Years education. With an unparalleled parent communication platform that includes daily pictures and videos of your child’s learning, you will quickly come to understand how much we truly value parents in our learning community. Our third teacher is our amazing classroom teachers that we carefully recruit from the finest educational institutions around the world. Our teachers are both passionate about children and inspired to continually learn from the greatest minds and research in the field of Early Childhood education. The fourth teacher, our classroom environments, stimulate child interest; inspiring them to explore their surroundings and engage in all types of exciting projects and activities. Our four teachers serve as guides, softly leading our children into our amazing learning community and then slowly letting them take responsibility for themselves and their own learning.

Expressive Artists and Inquisitive Scientists.

Our International Curriculum is supported by the latest Research from Harvard University involving each child’s unique intelligence profile and special interests. Through our 6 intelligence models we allow our students to mix and match activities to enhance both their natural abilities and support their developing talents.

  • Creating Artistic Expression
  • Developing Bilingual Language/ Literacy
  • Investigating Science/ Nature
  • Understanding Myself/ Others
  • Being Active/ Healthy
  • Discovering Logic/ Math

Two Languages. Limitless Opportunities.

In our Dawnwood learning community your child will celebrate their native language (Mandarin/ English) while embracing the bilingual learning environment and becoming fluent in both languages. One language does not take precedent over another; it is this combination of both, a celebration of two cultures that makes Dawnwood so unique and special. Learning languages at Dawnwood is not just about literacy development. Research has shown that learning in a bilingual environment stimulates both hemispheres of the child’s brain development and enhances their abilities to communicate, reason, understand, and empathize with others. Dawnwood embraces this by creating a wholly inclusive bilingual environment that is constantly challenging the children to discover and explore multicultural dimensions.