Together with M Moser, Dawnwood Kindergarten is devoted to building an organic and healthy learning and growth environment for children. M Moser is one of the top international architecture, interior, engineering design and construction companies with more than 30 years of experience in designing and building high performance educational facilities around the world. It is also one of only seven companies globally recognized in interior design and construction rating system that represents the highest quality in giving LEED requirement guidelines and delivering LEED submissions.

What is a Responsive Environment?

The Responsive Environment of Dawnwood Kindergarten engages children and gives them the freedom to discover and question what they see in order to grow in their development. The environment enables both adults and children to track down children’s thinking process and theories. As their thinking evolves, they are encouraged to revisit their representation to determine if they are representative of their intent or if they require modification, which stimulates the brain power in children.

How does the environment at Dawnwood communicate?

A Speaking Cave – Stimulates children’s exploration and interest development beyond space constraints.

A Speaking Window – It talks through light and shadow which is the best gift for children. Through light and shadow, children can easily connect the activities between outdoor and indoor, which broadens their exploration experience.

A Speaking Mirror and Learning Tools with Multi-purposes –

Inspires children’s creativity, analytical thinking and motor skills.