Dawnwood provides children with a truly immersive, bilingual, and multicultural language environment–ensuring children communicate in both Mandarin Chinese and English.

    From the time our HK school, Gold Star English, opened in 2010, we have been writing and improving the Dawnwood English Curriculum. It reflects our years of practice in English education both in Hong Kong and in Mainland China. We aim to help children learn English effectively while having fun at the same time.

 There are two main areas of learning and development in the English Language Arts at Dawnwood:

1. Communication and Language   (listening and attention, understanding and speaking) involves:

  • To give children opportunities to experience a rich English language environment;
  • To develop their confidence and skills in expressing themselves;
  • To be able to speak and listen in a range of situations.

2. Literacy (reading and writing) involves:

  • To encourage children to link sounds and letters
  • To begin to read and write

      The children at Dawnwood are given access to a wide range of reading materials including books, poems, and other written materials to ignite their interest.