Our Teaching philosophy is based on the child, parents/teachers, Dawnwood Education, and our responsive learning environments.

Our image of children is represented by the 7 key characteristics we believe each child has.

Adults (Parents/Teachers) support these 7 key characteristics through 7 nurturing traits.

Dawnwood Education represents Quality, Family, and Individual Student Success.

The Responsive Environment represents our purpose built classrooms and school campus designed specifically for child curiosity, inquiry and discovery.


1. Unique
2. Independent
3. Respectful
4. Accepts others unconditionally
5. Able to express themselves
6. Limitless Potential
7. Inquiring Mind


1. Praise Uniqueness
2. Reward Independence
3. Model Respectfulness
4. Love and nurture
5. Listener
6. Supportive
7. Retain wonder

Responsive Environment

1. Top International Architecture Firm “M Moser”
2. Allowing children the freedom to discover
3. Focus on Inquiry, Discovery and Wonder
4. Classrooms complete with resources to compliment all areas of Child brain development

Dawnwood Education

1. Highest Quality Education + Child Care
2. Best Practices in Early Years Education
3. UK + China National Curriculum
4. Individual, holistic child development
5. Organic Health + Education