Reggio-Inspired, Child-Centered.

At Dawnwood our learning environments are created specifically with the image of the child in mind, allowing them unparalleled freedom to pick and choose the activities that most interest them while still learning and meeting the English National Curriculum and Chinese Government benchmarks and standards. We truly believe in the importance of teaching each individual child, meeting them where they are and taking them by the hand and guiding them on this wonderful journey together. We believe each child is unique and special and has the ability to make choices on how they want to learn.

Our International Curriculum is supported by the latest Research from Harvard University involving each child’s unique intelligence profile and special interests. Through our 6 intelligence models we allow our students to mix and match activities to enhance both their natural abilities and support their developing talents.

Our curriculum features six exciting areas of learning:

  • Creative Expression through Art and Music
  • Developing Bilingual Language and Literacy
  • Investigating Science and Exploring Nature
  • Understanding Myself and Respecting Others
  • Being Active and Healthy
  • Using Logic and Discovering Math

More information on these will follow shortly.